Thursday, May 18, 2006

Knits in review: rebecca apricot cardi

Pattern: My take on the Rebecca Apricot cardi
Yarn: 50/50 cotton acrylic from a thrift store sweater
Gauge: 5 stitches/inch
Needle: #8 circulars
Wearability: thrown in the washer and dryer many times with very slight fuzzying
Rank: Love it!

Design: I had seen this sweater all over the web but I don't do well with patterns (especially poorly translated German ones). Basicall
y my strong-willed nature revolts at following patterns (I succomb for lace, but only until the pattern is memorized). I'm always changing the neckline, sleeves (I have freakishly long arms with popeye forearms), waist shaping (I am short waisted), armhole shaping (I have broad shoulders), yarn and gauge, and construction (flat to circular).

After playing around with a swatch, I figured out the decrease eyelet pattern and began adapting the sweater. Abhoring seaming, I knitted this on circulars combining the fronts and back sections. The sleeves were knitted top down with a plain stockinette .

I loved knitting this sweater! The yarn was cottony soft with the nice elasticity of the acrylic (not as limp as Cotton Ease). Watching the pattern emerge was highly motivating.

Fit: Overall, it is probably my best fitting sweater. The shoulder fit is perfect -- the seam never falls over my deltoid area. The arm hole was a bit loose -- flappy and baggy. But being the anti-frogger, I used a crochet hook and slipped stitch along the seam (like taking in the sides of a big shirt) to pull it in. It's great way of fixing the armhole flappies if the yarn is not too bulky.

Horror story: After completing it, I threw it in the wash before the grand debut. Unfortunately, uncapped marker also joined in. There were blotches of red all over!!!! Praise the Lord for Shout and Oxyclean -- it all came out.

**** Oops I forgot to add one last instruction about making your own labels...heat set with an iron (press down first, and then start ironing to prevent smearing). I haven't put them through a machine wash, but it doesn't run when I scrub it in the sink. I used a laser printer, not sure if ink-jet printers are more water proof.


caitlyn said...

It's great that you like this sweater so much! Amazing that the red marker stains came off.

Megan said...

I should have read through this the first time - you made that pattern up? Gobsmacked. I just can't fathom being able to do such a thing.

KiWi said...

LOVE! I've never been able to finish anything out of Rebecca.