Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Creating inexpensive fabric labels

It seems there are two ways of creating your own labels -- iron-on transfer (via Grumperina) or laser/ink jet printing (via Soulemama). Choose the iron-on transfer if you wanted more unique ones (to include fiber content, washing instructions, size) or the laser printing for more generic ones (like for handbags).

Taking a cue from SouleMama (and I heard this is a common scrapbooking technique), here is how I make my labels:

1) choose a font , size and page margins until you have the maximum amount in two columns (need to allow room for seam allowances).

2) print on card stock/tag board (much easier to handle).

3) measure and cut out length of appropriate sized ribbon (I used rayon seam binding because that's what I had). The easiest way was to adhere a strip of masking tape along the edge (see picture) with only half of it behind the paper and the other half over the ribbon (if you're bad at pick-up sticks or Jenga place a coffee mug to hold the ribbon in place). Repeat for the other side. Make sure it lies flat and tight.

4) print and hold breath. Voila, instant labels! Since seam binding unravels a bit, I just leave on the card stock until ready to use. I left enough of a margin on both sides, I could just cut them without having to remove the masking tape.

**** Oops I forgot to add one last instruction...to heat set with an iron (press down first, and then start ironing to prevent smearing). I haven't put them through a machine wash, but it doesn't run when I scrub it in the sink. I used a laser printer, not sure if ink-jet printers are more water proof.


cmeknit said...

Hey cool idea...I like the print right on it way. I wonder if it washes off? Have you tried?

pinky said...

This is a very unique idea. I haven't heard about this. I do wonder, like cmeknit, will it wash off?

Megan said...

They look great - I tried it myself a few days ago but my lot were a hopeless failure - ink went everywhere and then ran in the wash. I had an inkjet though.

Hapto said...

there is some stuff called bubble jet set... or somesuch, that binds inkjet to fabric.


Leah said...

Oh what a marvellous idea!! I was going to print on transfer paper and then iron on ribbon but I'd like to try this method before I buy transfer paper!!


Anonymous said...

What if you applied Fray Check over the entire ribbon after printing? Just a thought. =)