Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Scrapbusters (long strips): wristlet keychains

I am physically unable to throw away fabric scraps. If it's over an inch, it goes into storage instead of the trash. What to do...since I'm not a quilter.  There was a huge stack of these strips which were finally made into these simple wristlet keychains (so much nicer than clutching them in your hands). They can also be clipped to a zipper pull to convert a pouch to a wristlet.

Supplies needed:
- 2 x 12 inch fabric strip
- 2 x 12 inch interfacing strip (pellon 50?)
- keychain loop

Fold in half lengthwise and then each half in half. Press if needed and sew long ends together.

String the keychain and bring short ends together. Sew and zigzag ends.

Move keychain to the new seam, flip seam to the inside of the loop. Sew (about 3/4 inch from the edge) to enclose the keychain.

And it's done!


Tea said...

Wow I like that! I have a ton of scraps and I live in constant fear that I will lose my keys ;) This may be the perfect solution. Thanks for the great idea!

Spelfenmeisje said...

Such a great idea! Thanks for the tutorial :) Finally get some use of those scraps lying around!

randa said...

i just made a shorter one of these for my jump drive and i love it! :)

veronica said...

your blog is truly inspiring. just wanted to let you know that i put a link to your blog in my latest post on my blog. thanks for the tips.

Sharlene said...

There is no shame in using every skeric of fabric. I think these are wonderful.

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