Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mt. Hermon Family Camp and a Trunk Show

Sorry for the long blogging break; we had several diversions.

First, we went to our annual trip to Family Camp at Mt. Hermon, a beautiful campsite among the redwoods by Santa Cruz. Not only were we inspired by the quality teaching times (encouraging thoughts on parenting and working through suffering), we also enjoyed so many fun activities. There was swimming (and the infamous Big Daddy Splash contest), BBQ's, smores, train rides, rollercoastering at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, beach football, ping pong (hubby and I were runner-ups in an informal husband and wife tournament), and rock climbing. Since there is also a children's program it is a good balance for family and couple time. I'm sorry for the lack of pictures; I'm not blog-trained enough to take pictures of everything.

Secondly, I participated in a home trunk show with several other Etsyians. After a mad week of sewing and knitting, these are the results:
Literally the day before, I found this coat rack at a garage sale (I was planning on making my own from table legs and pegs from Home Depot) for $1.00!
For you knitters out there, here's how I include care and content instructions. I print them out on address labels and stick them on a card.
Due to low attendance, I only sold a few items (but now I have massive stock for my shop!). The best part was meeting and talking face to face with other sellers and chatting with my friends!


caitlyn said...

Glad you enjoyed a relaxing time with your family!
Your new items look lovely!

Kate said...

Great yags - very professional.

Kate said...

Woops - meant tags!

lindiepindie said...

I really enjoy craft shows even though I haven't had a whole lot of success with them. The best part is spending time with others who share your love of crafting! I'm glad you had fun!