Thursday, October 26, 2006

A new sewing machine for $1.99 (or how I conquered my Bernina envy)

After reading here and here about the joys ("I can sew through three layers of leather with my eyes closed") of their new machines, my 14 year old 5806 Singer was starting to feel like a clunker. After years of yarn purchases (and now fabric) a brand new sewing machine could not be justified.

Armed with resource books from the library, I attempted at a self tune-up. After cleaning all the gunk and dust balls with a fabric wrapped screwdriver, I lubricated with some machine oil (here is the $1.99 part) where metal parts came together as indicated by my manual.
During the process, I found a spring (see above picture) but have absolutely no idea where it goes! I keep putting it inside hoping it will reattach itself somewhere :)

This may be old news to a lot of you...but my little Singer works like a dream now! I feels like butter when I sew -- every stitch seems to glide, even the heavyweighted fabrics go easier now. Instead of discontentment, I have late night sewing jags because I cannot stop!

So for the time being my Bernina internet research has ceased (at least until the next tune-up).

Also, I need a few more reasons why I decided not to buy a 1970's industrial Bernina for $60 to go with these:

1) I'm a fool.
2) There was no manual.
3) There were no attachments.
4) I'm a fool.

Thank you everyone for the kind comments on the tutorial -- I would love to see pictures of the finished products!


June said...

Thanks for the posting; it's a reminder that I need to oil my machine as well. As for the missing manual from the old machine you considered, you can usually contact the manufacturer and they'll send you a copy of the applicable manual--even old versions of their product.

caitlyn said...

Hmmm, I should definitely try oiling my machine! I'm not too happy with my Singer and I wish I had purchased a better machine, but I can't justify it either. =)

RANDI said...

Excellent! Now you can use the $$$ you saved to buy fabric! ;)

Cheeky Beaks said...

Loved your optimism about the spring... yes it will attach itself. Had a good laugh.

kimberly said...

Impressive!! I love the spring attaching itself idea. That's defiinitely something I would hope for. :)

M.Anderson said...

I sew on a 60 year old singer. Straight stitch only thankyou very much. BUT I was given this past week a Designer 1000 by Bernina. I am so excited! I have to get a manual cause it is a heck of alot fancier then what I am used to. However my old singer will be there always.

Chloe said...

There's much to be said for doing spring cleaning - even inside your sewing machine! I find that using a can of compressed air to whoosh things out inside the bobbin case really helps ever so ofter :-)