Friday, August 03, 2007

A black floral mini messenger bag

I've been wanting to make a little messenger bag -- just large enough for a small wallet, water bottle, and maybe a camera -- but the mechanics of figuring out an adjustable strap was daunting....until I found this at the local thrift store!Here is a little walk through the process...first cutting out all the fabric pieces (two outer side pockets, inner pocket, outer pieces, lining for all, and interfacing for most), mini D rings (and little webbing strips), and a zipper (oops, he didn't make the photo-op):Then sewing all the pocket pieces and top stitching and securing the D rings:

Adding the interior pocket to the liner (I always like one for pens): Then sewing the zipper between the two right sides (and no, a zipper foot is not always necessary):Then, with the zipper open, sew around (outer pieces and liner pieces facing each other) leaving an opening to turn it right side out (and add the D-rings too):
The finished bag (a fairly quick project):Other project notes: I also added a flat bottom so it could stand up better. It seems a little too vertical, but everything fits. *Love* having pockets on both sides and not having to deal with a flap when trying to find stuff. When I get tired of this bag, I can recycle the straps for another bag :)

Have a great weekend -- I'll see you all in a couple of weeks after family camp!


lera said...

Great little bag.

Enjoy your family time.

rohanknitter said...

So cute! I should look for some straps like that off some bag I dont want anymore.

Alison said...

That is so cute! Will you be making these to sell on Etsy?

quenna said...

Hi Alison -- I'll probably make them upon request only. Thanks for visiting :)

Alison said...
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Alison said...

How much would you charge for one please, I could be interested. Also what are the dimentions.


quenna said...

Ali -- depending on the final dimensions and the type of hardware for the straps, it would be around $35-40. The one I have is roughly 8x11x2.5 inches.

You can email me at blissfulbyquenna (at) or correspond through my Etsy store: