Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fabric bags for girls

Lots of projects, lots of photos, but no blogging :( The more time that passes, the more confusing it is to decide what to post. So I'm just going to jump right in!

Here are mini magazine totes with matching zippered pouches that were sent to my little nieces. They are durable, fully lined, machine washable, with plenty of pockets for all their treasures.
A few more lunch totes to serve as back-ups:After the first wash....looks like mommy needs to work on her hand sewing skills!
Lots more to come!


lera said...

Very cute, Quenna. You use such great fabrics. Love the pigs.

Anonymous said...

is that a button

how do you do it?

Julie said...

would you mind giving dimensions to these cutie pie luch totes?
thanks julie

Julie said...

I forgot to ask what approx what length are the handles?? do you mind me asking?? I am taking my preschooler to the science museum on wednesday and I think she needs something cute to take her lunch in...heck so do i hehe
thanks julie