Monday, March 24, 2008

A new digital camera and its case

For Christmas, my hubby offered to buy a new digital camera. After considerable research, we decided on the Canon Powershot A720IS. It had a great macro range, fairly solid construction, and used rechargable AA batteries.

The best tip was choosing Eneloop batteries over the more popular NiMH. They have a slower rate of discharge, meaning they will still work for a long time from the initial recharge. How many times have I wanted to tape a school performance only to have the batteries run out after a few minutes? It's been discharging even though it was unused.
I love how it can take close-up shots , where you can see the fabric grain/weave (??):Because it uses AA batteries instead of lithium ones, it's too bulky to fit in my mini gadget pouches, so I made a larger one. It has a zippered compartment for the USB cable and a roomy main compartment for the camera and extra batteries. It has a detachable wrist strap for ease of carrying.


Anonymous said...

We just bought this camera too. I really, really, love it. I like your idea for a case. Very ingenious!