Thursday, June 26, 2008

Friends and a messenger bag

My girls are attending a little summer school, just something to keep the neurons firing . Here is a summary of our conversation after the first day:

Mom: How was school?
Daughter: I like class time (a brief pause), but not recess. There's no one to play with. All the other girls already know each other.
Mom: Oh (*dies inside*). Maybe you can bring a book.
Daughter: But how will I carry it?
Mom: I can make you a bag.
Daughter: (brightens up) Can it have a long shoulder strap and hang around my waist?
Mom: A messenger bag...sure I can, sweetie (*thinks* "even though I've never made one before")

So my daughter's messenger bag leap frogs to priority number one, passing up stocking for
Renegade, completing custom orders, and DEFINITELY over washing dishes. It's finally done after midnight.
It's just wide enough for a binder (note -- daughter was dragged away from breakfast for the photo-op) with several pockets inside the flap and the interior. There's also an adjustable strap (so mommy can use it one in awhile). The bag was presented with a mommy pep talk: "every-time-you-see/use-this-bag-remember-that-mommy-loves-you-and-is-always-thinking-and-praying-for- you"
The little one wanted to pose as well. So here she is with her reversible headband (it's some floral Michael Miller fabric).Summer school update: she made a few friends :)


APlanet4Creation said...

I'm sure it was the beautiful messenger bag that got conversation going and therefore friend making!! :D

vee said...

Such an adorable story!

Is there a pattern that you used? I think I might raid my mother's fabric stash to make one....

Muddling Through said...

Mom to the rescue! Don't you love it when a plan works!

Julie said...

will you be making a pattern for this?? and then offering it for sale??? {hint hint}
I would love to purchase one if offered. the bag is just beautiful.

annie said...

Yes, is there a pattern for this? I would love to see a more images of the inside of the bag.