Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pouches and pouches

After a few "explosions" due to air pressure, our family packs toiletries in ziplock bags. Practical, but rather boring. So I made several flat bottom zippered pouches (they need to stand on their own) from the Ginger Blossom line from Michael Miller. I like how the side seams come together as another flower.
The insides were lined with a laminated cotton, also from Michael Miller (dumb dots). It's very easy to sew through since it's fabric-like and not "sticky" like vinyl or oil cloth. I didn't even need my teflon foot, but then it was a short sewing distance.It's just the right size for travel size lotions (note, my girls are addicted to the Bath and Body Works stuff. No more Eucerin for them! Well, if that's what they want to spend their allowance on...) and a toothbrush.
Peltex (similar to Timex) was used and I love it! It was easier to sew and work with :)

A couple more zippered pouches to serve as gift card holders for teacher gifts:


Muddling Through said...

Those are so pretty! And how clever to use the laminated cotton for the interior.

Much better than a ziploc :)!