Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween costumes: Inanimate objects

My daughters have moved from the ballerina, princess, Disney heroine stage to inanimate objects. My oldest wanted to be ketchup (last year she was a Tootsie Roll), but only for an hour of trick-or-treating so it was made out of paper.

A little cap that is poorly sewn (mommy has a one hour limit for costumes) but it's rigged with a pulley system to to this:

Yes, its totally corny.

My youngest went as the Statue of Liberty. The crown is velcroed onto a headband.

And Caramel went as the Dark Knight! Pets have a 5 minute limit for costumes.


vanessaann said...

hey! just found a comment on my blog by you ages ago. thought i'd pop by and see what you were up to. love the halloween costumes. ketchup... what a clever idea!

Mieze said...

omg!!! how cute is that!!!! :D dadadadadadada batman!