Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Emptying the mending basket

This past week I finally crossed off one "perpetual" (stuff that gets transferred to the new list every week) item on my to-do list...the emptying of the mending basket. One was to lengthen the sleeves of my daughter's favorite winter coat (I've always thought that the 5 inch velvet cuff looked out of proportion).

Next was the hide-the-ink stain-with-pocket because mommy is a lazy and ineffective laundress.

And then, some items (aka as the Velveteen Rabbit of blankies) are beyond repair. After about a year, I admitted that washing does not improve tears.

But under strict orders that cutting was not an option, a duvet cover was made. A large side opening so tactile and olfactory ("I like how it smells") benefits were still accessible. Ties were placed at each corner to hold the blankie in place.

Now onto a new to-do list!


Tiff said...

I have the same kind of list here. I just can't seem to get motivated to finish it!