Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back to school: Pencil pouches

My girls went back to school in the MIDDLE of August (something about wanting to align the semester finals with winter break). Since it was was one of the foggiest summers in recent memory, it meant they will be in the midst of homework, practices, and exams when the sunshine finally returns. Also, it meant mommy needed to hustle to provide back to school supplies. Starting with the cutest fabric first, we decided on these matching flat bottom denim pencil pouches. For awhile my oldest refused to have anything remotely the same as her younger sister. But after returning from a daughter and dad road trip wearing matching fuchsia T-shirts, I guess that season has passed.

It has a wide gusset so it can stand on its own. While thrifting I found a bunch of these handbag zippers with the extra large pulls and finally overcome the "hoarding" mentality and deemed these a zipper pull-worthy project. Yes, I love my girls (but I still can't share my "nice" yarn -- they get the acrylics from Joann's).

The insides are lined with a laminated cotton. I debated whether they should be washable, but every year we make new ones so it was unnecessary. There is also a big red loop on the side to make zipping and unzipping easier, but they did not survive the cropping.