Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stash buster: Adjustable pen holder for journals

I am old school. No blackberry. No palm pilot. I'm still using paper planners and journals. Usually there is a pen crammed inside which eventually falls into the bottom of my purse.

I finally figured out a stash buster that solves that problem and makes use of those narrow strips that are too hard to throw away. It is a little pocket which attaches to a journal with an adjustable elastic cord.

Personally, I think stash busters should NOT be time busters, so this is a simple and quick project :)

Materials (for a 1" x 6" pen holder for books 6-10" in height):
Note: quilting cottons should be used for ease of turning

main fabric: 2-1/4" by 6-1/2"
lining: 2-1/4" by 7" (2 pieces)
elastic cord: 12"
shank button: 1

Hem one side of the main fabric by pressing 1/8-1/4" twice.

Knot one end of the elastic cord 1/2" from the end (helps cord to not slip out) and place on the right side of the lining #1.

Sandwich main fabric (right side out) between lining #1 and lining#2 (right sides of lining facing together) and pin in place. Make sure elastic cord is straight and parallel to the long side. Starting from the bottom right edge (the shorter end) sew around with a 1/4" seam (avoid the elastic cord!) leaving an opening at the bottom end.

Snip the corners and turn inside out. Press out top corners until square.

Turn bottom edge under 3/8" and sew opening close and top stitch all around.

At the free end of the elastic cord, make a slip knot (pull the cord end through the loop so it will be adjustable).

Sew button through the main fabric only (you can add the button before sewing the opening close).

All done!

This can be easily resized for highlighters, reading glasses, and etc.


ZmajevaKchi said...

:) this is so cute idea!tnx I'll make it!