Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Beam me up scotty

A little toy for a new baby! Found this great pattern here (see the May 2 entry). It was a very easy (I now know what a gusset is) and quick project! The hardest part was stuffing it evenly. Embellishments were kept plain -- can't have junior choking on small bits, no matter how cute.

The mother, another knitter, and I had been looking around for knitting patterns rather unsuccessfully. Maybe that is a good thing since I suck at intarsia with cotton! Anyways, he's on his way to his new home!


Megan said...

He's a cutie, I'm going to try one. I need an easy softie pattern and I do like this one.

.tomate d'epingles. said...

so cute!
just cruising by on the ring :)
nice blog!

winda said...

Hi Quenna! Baby Amelia received your lovely handcrafted items today. She just loves things made especially for her! The scotty will be added to her collection of pups! The bib is adorable too! THANK YOU!