Saturday, May 13, 2006

I can't commit

Since I have rediscovered sewing again, I have not been able to commit the time to a long term knitting project (the warmer weather is not helping and I'm not a big fan of heavy cotton tank tops). So I've been knitting what I call "shallow projects", that take an hour or two.

The one on the left is a mini neck cowl (can also serve as a headband on bad hair days). On the right is a ladder and garter scarf. I love both patterns -- quick and simple, yet beautiful. The yarn was gifted to me by my brother who lives in Singapore ("Just buy me some Singaporean yarn"). It's actually an Australian yarn, Patons Zhivago in a variagated pinks out of tencel and acrylic. The boucle texture is soooo soft and has a slight sheen. Tencel is sort of a man-made (though out of wood pulp) version of silk -- strong and silky.

Below is a short scarf in a diamond lace pattern -- it was my "waiting-for-the-teacher-to tell-me-what-to-do" project whenever I volunteered in my daughters' classroom. A few of the stitches were knitted by the their classmates -- I'm always ready and willing to teach the next generation of knitters!It was a pattern from the Harmony books, bordered with seed stitch -- I love the diagonal lines it creates. It used a single skein of a superwash sock yarn on #8 needles. It's soft and lightweight!

A quick comment -- even though sock knitting is rumored to be the ideal "shallow knitting" project, I stubbornly refuse to learn. I cannot, repeat CANNOT have one more reason to buy yarn! Everything I've read refers to the addictive nature of sock knitting and I cannot walk through that door. I already have overflowing bins of yarn, jars of knitting needles, and cabinets full of fabric!

But I am almost ready for a long term relationship again ...maybe a cabled vest...a lace shawl...


lyn said...

How pretty !
: )

Sharon said...

Lovely 'shallow projects' especially that lovely Australian yarn ;) I am knitting with Zhivago at the moment, it is a nice yarn and I am usually what is known as a 'yarn snob'!!!

Lovely scarf, and good for you letting the kids knit some of it.

I think you need to have another addiction definately, give sock knitting a go, you WILL love it.

Megan said...

There is nothing that I can knit in an hour! I like the concept of 'shallow' projects, I might use it myself. Very nice knitting by the way.

caitlyn said...

Your scarves are very pretty!
I have similar feelings -- now that I started sewing, I have no interest in committing to a big knitting project. But the one project I have on the needles now is a sock. =)