Monday, May 15, 2006

Whiplash week 4 -- Yarn


When I first saw the theme, I had a complete blank and took a pass. On Sunday night, when I was planning a new knitting bag, I realized I did have an entry! I have never been satisfied with my knitting bags -- a JJill thrift store find, the french market bag, and my constant companion bag -- because they kept falling down on the job! Saggy, droopy little things.

Onto design...I wanted a bag that stood alone (but soft , no wooden frames for me), not just the body, but the handles also. When changing locations, I wanted to just be able to pick it up quickly, instead of having to search for the handles and scoop up the spilt contents. It had to be wide but not too deep for easy access. Lastly, there had to be lots of pockets for pencils, tape measure, crochet hooks, gauge ruler, calculator, and etc.

Just using what I had at home, here are the results....I absolutely love it! I love just grabbing the handles and walking around with it. It reminds me of a modern day version of a carpet bag.
I'm debating whether to add some no-sew snaps as a closure and some sort of a shoulder strap.

Inititally I wanted black canvas , but it would end up as a lint trap so I used an ulpholstery sample with a velvety texture. The interior is a quilted Asian print in cream and magenta -- much easier to find things against a light background. I love the felt kitty and her ball of yarn (it was a bit tricky machine stitching it in). I think my knitting mojo is back!


Ali said...

Love your entry and your bag!

lindiepindie said...

Cute bag! I am a beginning knitter and it seems like there would be a great market for the perfect knitter's bag having all the qualities you've mentioned and maybe a little hole of some sort for the yarn to pull through? I don't know.

Have you experimented with fusible fleece? I fuse it to the liner of my bags - it gives it much needed umph and also give pockets something to grip to. I get mine at WalMart.

caitlyn said...

It's a really cute bag, Quenna!!

creative kismet said...

Love the kitty with yarn design! Purrfect!! he he

Megan said...

You're so clever, that's a really neat design. Can't think how you just whip these things up, I have to think about them for ages first ... well done.