Monday, May 29, 2006

Damage control

After reading some fearsome tales of sewing machine repairs, I decided to take some preventative measures. The Singer will only go on an extended vacation when I am on an extended vacation! After removing the plate without cracking it, I manage to exacate most of the dustballs with pins and tweezers. I was beginning to feel like a dental surgeon! Why am I using metal instruments on a plugged in machine? I figure having the extra light was worth the risk. Hopefully this will prolong the need for an unplanned trip to the shop.

Here is another custom order from one of my toughest clients ("Mommy, you have to lay her down gently after measuring. Don't just toss her!) -- a shawl and an Easter dress a baby Bratz. It would have been quick and easy, with this
tutorial, if one the cardinal rules of sewing wasn't broken (right sides are always together).


lindiepindie said...

My MIL who is an avid sewer uses bottled air to clean her sewing machine. I bought a can in the photo dept at WalMart. It's a pressurized can of air - but be careful! It's hard to stop spraying everything in sight! After I sprayed TONS of dust out of my machine, I started spraying the computer keyboard and I wanted to find more stuff to spray. There are some weird fumes, but it really does clean well.

Cute dress - it almost looks like a kimono!

pinky said...

TRUST ME ~ DO THE PREVENTIVE WORK! I lugged my sewing machine around for nearly fifteen years, but I often didn't have to money to take care of it like I should. It finally died on me and it was like giving away my favorite stuffed animal when I took it to the thrift store dropoff. I regret not taking care of it and I have learned a sore and painful lesson!!