Thursday, May 25, 2006

Striking out

Unlike most bloggers (or so it seems to me), I have been striking out when rummaging through the linens at the thrift stores. Lots of acrylic afghans and Christmassy plaid sheeting, but no acceptable floral, retro or vintage prints. What's a girl to do? Visit a full price fabric store! Here are some of my finds. The first is a leafy print which would make a great liner for a messenger/shoulder bag design. The others are some fun prints that could possibly morph into totes, wallets, and purses.

The Halloween one would make great trick-or-treat bags (no matter how careful we are, we always end up with a sticky mess at the end of the night). The smaller prints could be wallets or business card holders. The red and blue toile, maybe another dowel handled bag to replace my current sewing/mending basket. I'm not sure about the blue gingham and the blue flowered linen yet. I am trying to have purposeful fabric shopping in order to justify my spending.


lindiepindie said...

Well, at least at a full-price fabric store, you know you'll find something! The leafy print is so pretty - where did you get it?

Megan said...

I like that fabric you've chosen. Thrift stores can be hard - you have to be there at the right time and it's always mostly junk.

HMBT said...

I like to find fabrics in the thrift store by looking on the racks of clothes...most wonderful fabrics...beading, buttons...too much to list, also in the racks with the bedding/curtains racks, heavy fabrics and sheets that I love, and also the tie the old ugly tie racs!... anything you can dream of. I DO love so much the ones you got too!
It's ok to spend full price sometimes!
I hope you have fun turning them into amazing work!

pinky said...

The blue gingham mixed with a yellow piping would make a great little handbag!

I'm sure that whatever you turn them into, they will look fabulous. I love the colors and styles that you picked. Can't wait to see what you make!!