Thursday, June 01, 2006

A masculine laptop sleeve

Instead of packing for our trip, I have been trying to figure out the best way to make a laptop sleeve that is soft and cushy, has a pocket for accessories, and a carrying option. My hubby's HP is the first guinea pig. I would have used mine, but due to a boneheaded move (ramming something in is never a good idea with computers) it is now non-transportable. We refer to it as my mini desktop.

I used somber colors, but managed to use a little flare (hubby's college) on the closing flap. It is lined with dark blue flannel and quilt batting which provides snugness and protection. A set of D-rings were attached for an optional strap.

When I finished, I left multiple messages ("make sure you come right home", "you've got to see this") for my better half. He finally called back with an opening refrain of, "OK, wacko...what is it?"). Hubby loved it and pronounced it cool (better than his usual, and rather unsatisfying, comments of "fine" and "nice")!

Modifications: I would curve the flap more -- I was afraid the battery pack would fall out (I tried to be all hip by having an asymmetrical pocket) -- it looks like it's ready to take flight. Also, I would decrease the seam allowances since it is a bit snug and IRON it before a photo shoot. I welcome any other suggestions!

I am so ready to make a feminine version of it!

Now onto laundry and packing...see you all next week!


caitlyn said...

Very nice, Quenna!! Definitely masculine, and I'm sure he loved the Cal fabric.
Have a great trip!

lindiepindie said...

Very masculine and it looks really well thought out and put together. Great job!

Megan said...

Good job Quenna! I think you're very clever to be figuring out stuff like that. Much nicer than plain black shop-bought, for sure.

pinky said...

What a great piece! It does look very well thought out and put together well. I like the masculinity of it and I agree that this is far better than any store-bought bag!