Tuesday, June 20, 2006

An upgrade to better shopping bags

I have been needing to upgrade my shopping bags from the canvas ones with pharmaceutical slogans. So using a stash of upholstery samples, these were the results. Basically an unlined (with french seams) tote with a gusset bottom. I padded the straps for extra comfort (I'm all about comfort!)


lindiepindie said...

So you must have been in medicine before. I'm sure those phamaceutical ones weren't the prettiest things. What you've made to replace them is nice. Now here's an ignorant question...what do you use shopping bags for?

quenna said...

I am a major recycler! I use them for shopping in place of the flimsy plastic bags at the supermarket. Also, where I live there's been talk of a surcharge of .17 PER bag at the super to decrease the litter and address the overflowing landfills.

Megan said...

Fabulous Quenna! I've been planning on making some of my own, but think I need something more canvasy like these - I also use mine for library books and, well, pretty much everything really.

sara (purple papaya designs) said...

These look great, seriously. As do all of your other items posted so far, but I had to choose eventually.

Thank you for visiting my site and commenting. Fortunately, my pictures went better today, and I was finally able to list an earring set.

Hopefully I'll see you around again!
Best wishes,