Sunday, July 30, 2006

More WIPs and a finished one

I have been busy with commissions this past week, here is one finished one, a purse organizer in a tiny black and white houndstooth. I love the sharp contrast of this canvas! Despite the natural stiffness of it and its liner (cotton twill) I added some heavyweight interfacing. It stands up entirely on its own! A great (and necessary) accessory if you have lots of purses/totes -- a quick and easy way to transfer all your paraphenelia in one swoop.
The dimensions are 5 x 33 inches with around 8 pockets -- a place for everything except the kiddies!

Now for the works in progress...

- Cotton canvas for a car toy box (great idea, more accessible than those back-of-the-front-seat kinds) with side pockets for juice and etc.

- Checkered and crimson poly cotton blends for a tote bag with soft gathers (I'm loving this color combo!).
Hopefully the next time I post there will be more finished projects!


lindiepindie said...

I like the red fabric combo - very fun and I'm jealous that you get to sew for girls!

The purse organizer is a great idea as well - and sturdy is such a good thing.

caitlyn said...

The purse organizer is really cool!