Friday, October 06, 2006

The magic scrap bag

One of my favorite series are the Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder (I still re-read them every year). I know it was hard work, but I always found it fascinating reading about making butter and cheese and the massive canning and preserving in preparation for the winter. The hoarder, pack rat in me loves the scrap bag parts. Everything was saved, because one day it will be needed (silk for Pa's necktie, overcoat wool for Grace's feather accented coat, blanket ends for Mary's bed shoes....).

So I cram every useable fabric scraps in a giant zip lock bag. My girls love rummaging around in it -- much more fun than going to a real fabric store.

My youngest, the little fashion plate, created an accessorizing scarf. Check out the extra slots so it can be adjusted for others (namely stuffed animal friends)!
My oldest loves crafting for her animals. Here is a sleeping mat she pieced together with a stapler -- who needs needle and thread?
Maybe one day, I'll get around to making quilt cards....

Have a great weekend!


linda said...

I have a scrap bag, too that my boys go through to find stuff to make "swords" out of. My oldest usually pins his stuff together, then I have to sew it up before he can stuff if. I'm thinking a stapler could really be handy! And why don't I see a small piece of Hello Kitty fabric in there?

Every girl and her special pens needs a great pencil case. I had them growing up - it's a very important accessory and you're sweet to make such cute ones for your girls.

kimberly said...

Oh how I love Little House on the Prairie too. I have the first book to read to my son but he's not that interested. We read Harry Potter and that was more his speed. I still have hope with Alida.
I love the scrap bag idea. I have a small bag of scraps started-I hate to throw anything away especially if it's fabric or ribbon.

kirsten said...

so i'm not the only one who can't give away scraps?
love the little house books - re-reading them with my daughter i was surprised at how in-depth she gets with all the work they did. amazing.
(fun blog - just found it thru craftapple)