Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pencil cases and more Hello Kitty

Generally speaking my girls tend to be flexible about material posessions, but there is one exception: writing instruments. No school issued #2 pencils for them. They have always brought their own special ones to be used for school. The old robbery ("but what if someone takes it?") and losing ("but what if you lose it?) arguments didn't deter them. Anyways, mommy finally got around to making some pencil cases for them.
My oldest loves red...and this vinyl (I was surprised how easy it was to sew with) seemed to match well with this schoolish print I had hoarded for years. The other is a hot pink with winking Hello Kitties.

Speaking of Hello Kitty, the last of the fabric was used for a custom snap wallet. Is it me only, or do others feel hesitant using a last bit of fabric? Technically I still have enough for a key fob.


Kate said...

Great pencil cases - love the vinyl - ggod to know it was not so hard to sew.
I knwo what you mean about using the last bit of fabric - I have a huge stack of bits I really should use up.

lera said...

cute pencil cases. i contemplated making some for my children, but didn't get around to it.

yours turned out great!!!

kimberly said...

Oh I'm bad when it comes to using the last bit of fabric. Actually I'm bad when it comes to using gorgeous fabric anyway-it hurts to cut it. I think it's due to the fact that I live in Germany where all the fabric is sooo expensive and the stuff I bring back from the States is hard for me to replace. I love the pencil cases.

kirsten said...

love the wallet - did you have a pattern?