Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pink shrug - finished!

Yarn: TLC's Cotton Plue
Content: cotton acrylic blend (51/49)
Yardage: one 3.5 ounce skein with a small amount left
Guage: 5 stitches/inch
Needle size: 7 24-inch circulars

This was a simple and quick, top down knitting project. I was a bit lazy and just estimated the guage, so the neckline is smaller than I originally planned. For the increases I used yarn overs to give a lacy effect. I though about adding a leaf motif around the bottom band but decided to keep it simple.

Since the neckline was small, a button and loop closure was used. Initially I planned on using the flower pin as the closure, but it's awkward for 2nd grader hands to handle.

As for changes...I'm not entirely happy with the collar. I was going for a Peter Pan collar, but my increases were not enough (every other row as opposed to every row). And I forgot again to add extra rows (via short row shaping) at the back neckline, so now the collar is a bit short. Oh well, the little one loves it and wore it to school before I could steam block it. There's no such concept as "final fitting" in our house -- if it looks close to being finished, I can't get them to take it off :)

Some other project notes (starting from the picture on the left):

- The best part is when you separate the armholes from the front and back -- from this point the amount of stitches slowly decreases.
- I like picking up stitches with a smallersized crochet hook -- it's much easier and less wonky and loose. But I decided to pick up the stitches on the wrong side (I wanted the tail to be used to sew on the button) but it created a ridged seam on the right side -- rip, rip, rip.
- I wanted a rounded corner, so I just put in some decreases haphazardly (too lazy to research my knitting gurus: Montese Stanley and Katherine Buss).


bluecorduroy said...

what a beautiful shrug! i know my 5 year old daughter would die over it! i found your blog through your comment on mine! thanks for visiting!