Friday, March 23, 2007

Church totes and wristlets

My girls have tons of bags...backpacks, book bags, shoulder bags, lunch bags, but nothing that's exactly right to carry their Sunday School papers. Usually, my bag is crammed with art projects and half eaten donuts.I wanted a magazine style tote bag with outer pockets for books and special friends. They wanted a slot for writing instruments, but I had visions of us shaking the bags upside down in order to extract a stubby pencil. So I made some matching mini-wristlets with clips (they were too small for adult fingers to manage) to hold little treasures (Peek-a-poos, Kleenex, jewelry). I used some thrifted denim for durability and leftover fat quarters from Joann's they selected for dolly clothes.Is it a girl thing? My girls love packing and carrying some sort of bag wherever they go out. It always amazes me what they deem importand to bring.A friend gave me these sweet labels (oops, I forgot to snip that loose thread). I have extras if anyone is interested in a few for embellishments -- just drop me a line :)


Bumbershootska said...

The bags are gorgeous - and the labels are super cute!
I really like the idea of a detachable wristlet:)

Kate said...

Denim and red - two of my favourite things, love it!