Saturday, April 21, 2007

This Cinderella needs her sewing machine

This weekend is our school fundraiser -- no kiddies -- so the dress code is going to be higher my usual jeans and t-shirt. As I'm going through my closet (I'm not a big fan of clothes shopping, just for crafting supplies) noting I have nothing new to wear...I realize I do not have a cute evening bag.

This is a brick red taffeta with a black velvet floral pattern found at Joanns and lined with a black diamond quilt. I had been contemplating this design for awhile but hit sewer's block trying to match the pattern. Months later, I realize the front and back do not have to be identical just centered :)
(Sorry about the crappy pictures...despite photo editing, black fabric always looks like I used it to clean the lint trap. Plus the taffeta is less orangy.)

Problem with making your own patterns, you need to treak it through trial and error until the dimensions are right. I still think the flap need to be a bit longer (to have better visual proportions) and the sides need less tapering (to have a larger opening). But overall, the shape is more dressy and grown-up than my usual mega tote bags I lug around. The little size won't matter since hubby frowns on portable knitting projects during date nights :)

I didn't add an interior pocket, so I'll try to whip up a matching mini zippered pouch tomorrow.

Thanks for the kind comments about the new wallets! Have a great weekend everyone!


fabric said...

Making your own pattern takes a few attempts. Great blog and beautiful fabric. Look forward to seeing more of your projects.

lera said...

I just love that bag. What pretty fabric!

Stephanie said...

You are so TALENTED! Btw, I tagged your blog so now you get to post 7-10 random things about yourself so your readers can get to know you better. you can see my blog for examples.