Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New wallet design -- the boyfriend bifold

I've been making this version of a bifold wallet for awhile but have been developing another version with a long pocket (no more folding). It took time to finalize the design, but here she is:
I still need to tweak the measurements a bit, I'm happy with the overall shape and design. It has my standard vinyl window, change pocket, two card slots in addition to the long pocket. I'm not to thrilled with name...I think I was influenced by the current Gap campaign (the boyfriend pants). I prefer simple names...but I couldn't call it "Bifold Wallet With Long Pocket and Snap Closure"Like all my wallet designs, this can be custom made in the fabric of your choice!


Karyn said...

I love it. I tried to make a wallet once (no pattern, just made it up) and it was such a disaster! I also love the vinyl window. Awesome!

lera said...

I love the wallet and the name. It reminds me of the "boyfriend trousers" from the Gap.

caitlyn said...

Your wallets are so gorgeous, Quenna!!