Sunday, April 08, 2007

What we did during Spring Break

Since my girls have been home for spring break, we have been taking little day trips throughout San Francisco. One outing was to Zeum, a hands-on children's museum with a bent towards technology. We acted in front of a green screen, recorded an instrumental piece, and filmed a cartoon using a moveable skeleton (much easier than drawing individually on a notepad). But our favorite activity was Claymation, where we formed our modeling clay creatures around a metal skeleton. The real trick was bringing these home undamaged while riding public transportation!
I love the happy expression on the girl, the sweet face of the doggy, and the intensity of the mommy knitter (it was too hard to include a sewing machine).I finally got around to teaching my girls the basics of hand sewing...threading a needle, the running stitch, and knotting. They used their new skills, upgraded from using scotch tape and staples, to create a wedding gown and veil for Pearl Pig, the Velveteen Rabbit of our family.
They spent hours planning this wedding which included a pompous minister, wedding party, seated guests with an aisle, and a bouquet toss -- all inspired from some wedding paraphenelia found at the local thrift store.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Spring Break!