Thursday, May 10, 2007

Seven random things about me and wristlet wallets

I've been tagged by the lovely Stefanie (here's her wonderful shop) to write seven random bits about me:

1) I like to read obituaries. I'm not morbid, but I like the summary of someone's life. Though a part (the wicked part) wants to hear a more balanced view of their character to include a few flaws ("Montgomery was the chair of the English department but an awful cheat at Scrabble")

2) I also like to read X-men comic books -- Joss Whedon and Grant Morrison are geniuses!

3) I use to have a fear of people over six feet tall.

4) I can't fry donuts, they always have an after taste.

5) My favorite coins are dimes -- so slim and sublime.

6) I am a left eye winker only.

7) I like to dump chocolate chips into a jar of peanut butter and eat it with a spoon.

Wow, that's pretty random....

Some crafting news: lots of wristlet wallets:


Karyn said...

Chocolate chips and PB...yummm!!! I LOVE your wallets, I can't tell you how much. Amazing!

Lora said...

Cute Pouches!!!! I always love seeing what other fabric people are using!

lera said...

That's a funny list of random things. People over 6' tall? That's hilarious.

Pretty wallets.

Chara Michele said...

Lovely wallets!

I love peanut butter and chocolate chips:) Yummy!

Donna said...

I love your wrist wallets - beautiful! Could you tell me where you source such lovely fabrics/prints? I haven't sewed since high school (I'm 35!) and am ready to dive back in - can you leave a message at my blog? Thanks for the inspiration!

Leah said...

Quenna, I can only wink with my left eye too. Jared always tries to get me to wink my right eye and just laughs watching me!