Monday, May 14, 2007

I made my own Mother's Day gift

My oldest has been planning since March to make a special box to hold my sewing supplies...after much discussion and several trips to the craft store she decided on an unfinished pine box with a hinged lid. It's in my favorite color, embellished with little bobbins:
I had a brainstorm of using it to organize my tangled mess of bobbins using a 3/8 inch dowel (1.5 inch lengths). I was halfway through drilling when I realized I should have some sort of barrier between the box and my hardwood floors. Ordinary tacky glue was the adhesive.
And here she is!
I might add a small notch on each dowel to anchor the loose threads. Here are some sweet refrigerator magnets from my other sweetie!
Happy Mother's Day to everyone!


KARA said...

Wow what creative children, those gifts are to die for.
Can see more craft blogs coming one day.

lindiepindie said...

Well, okay, so you made *part* of your own mother's day gift. :o) Way to get handy with the drill and dowels! I have an icky plastic bobbin case...something handmade would definitely be more fun. Your girls are sweet and thoughtful. :o)

lyn said...

Awww how sweet, I hope you had a lovely Mother's day.
: )