Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Organizing fabrics (or how to store your stash so you will have room for more)

I recently discovered fabric coops where you, along with other fabricholics, can buy at wholesale I've been participating....a lot. But we live in a small older home and storage is limited. My dream is to have a wall of open shelves where my fabric (and yarn) can be displayed.

But here is another (and inexpensive) over-the-door shoe organizer. It's easy to see and organize. In fact, since I purchase lower yardage of each fabric, I think it's easier to sort through than going through a vertical stack.


islandgirl said...

Very nice! I love the white organizer..nice crisp, clean look! Okay, now I am even more inspired to muck out my sewing room!

Anonymous said...

Great idea; I love the title of this post more, though!!!