Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A variation of the weekender bag: the beginning

I've always loved the shape of Weekender Bag from Amy Butler, but wanted to increase its functionality. With its vertical shape and a top zipper, I can see myself unsettling the contents trying to find something on the bottom (unless I pack my clothes in vertical rolls). Basically I wanted to add an extra zipper so it can be used like a suitcase.

Some other possible adjustments :

- a vinyl bottom to decrease wear and tear and water damage
- interior pockets
- side D-rings so a shoulder strap could be attached
- an inner divider (like for a laptop)

Wow, that sounds *really* ambitious when it's all written down!

With new bag ideas, I like making prototypes with scratch paper and staples to organize the process and order of sewing. But the details are still fuzzy, so I'm going to just wing it (to a certain extent).
First a pattern needs to be made. I love working cardboard -- easy to trace around and more durable. Since I'm a frugal crafter, the bag dimensions will be based on the length of the zippers in my stash:
Stay tuned for part 2!


Anonymous said...

Looks ambitious yet exciting! I can't wait to see how it turns out.