Friday, October 10, 2008

A knitted newsboy cap without the brim

My older daughter has been going through a growth spurt and it *seems* like we're buying new clothes/shoes every week so I wanted to make something special for my youngest (it's tough to always be the recipient of hand me downs).

I found a pattern for simple cable and ribbed newsboy cap and used a soft and sprongy wool/acrylic blend in my stash. I love how the cables pop and the tweedy flecks of color.

A little tassel was added later, but she refused to take any more pictures!

After trying it on, she decided against the brim (thank goodness since only 4 inches were left. Mommy did not have to frog her hand warmers).

Yarn: Colorado Yarns (shade #1, lot #2404)
Skein: 1 (109 yards)
Pattern: Capitan
Needle size: #8 circular
Gauge: 4 inches per inch

Modifications: I changed the gauge and added another cable to increase the height and did a slower rate of decreases (to reduce the cone head look).

She loves it!