Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A trio of hats

Everyone in our family enjoys tennis: playing or watching. Our summer writing assignment was a position paper predicting the US Open men's champion (we were all wrong). After years of waiting, we were finally able to watch it live in New York over Labor Day weekend.

To maximize the amount of sitting in the sun, rimmed hats were needed. I found this bucket hat pattern and adapted it for the girls and I. The construction was modified so it was reversible and the size could easily be adjusted (by sewing larger seams). Basically one of the side seams was left open and sewn after the top and brim were attached. The brim width was decreased slightly.

Here is the boring side -- but the one I always use, I'm not as flashy as my girls. My husband wore a baseball cap.

It's now being worn during my daily walks, where I blend in with all the seniors :)


Blue Castle said...

Cute hats!
When my boys were little I used to make them wear hats like these to ward off the sun. Now they insist on wearing baseball caps "like Daddy". I miss those days..

Love your blog! :)

blissful said...

Thank you! They'll probably outgrow them soon, fearing the dreaded "hat head" look.