Sunday, October 19, 2008


I received several skeins of a soft wool in a chain construction (similar to Rowan's discontinued Cork) but it was a bright juvenile-ish purple. It was a candidate for overdyeing.

I used about 10+ tablets of red (from Paas easter egg dyes) and gently simmered it in a large stock pot. Usually I prefer the simplicity of the microwave but there were too many skeins. The resulting color was a red purple, but still a bit bright, so it was overdyed again with brown (Rit in bucket of hot water) which can tone down colors.

It became a lovely deep shade of magenta with slight tonal variations. Not sure if there's enough yardage for a cropped maybe a ribbed vest.


The Lata's Save Big!! said...

I would have never thought of using he easter egg dye's for this type of thing... now im thinking of trying this with some clothing that I've wanted to dye. THANKS, btw I LOVE your blog I just found it tonight and it's awesome.