Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pincushions with felt flowers

I signed up for a mini pincushion exchange and decided on this design. It's made from felted (basically machine washed) wool scraps/sweaters in her favorite colors. The one is the back is made with a trio of flowers (it's actually a brooch made years ago).

Ooops, I thought it was centered... Anyways, the rose was formed with gradually larger strips (shaped like bananas) and trimmed with scissors. Along with the stuffing, dried lentils were added for extra weight -- I do not like tippy pincushions!

I found a simple tutorial for shrinky dink pins but could not find colored ones (are they even available?) so I used sharpies. Aren't they sweet?

My little one worked along side me, creating this dramatic flower hair clip with the scraps.

I hope she likes it!