Thursday, September 03, 2009

Two kitchen towels = Three projects

I was gifted these Easter themed kitchen towels awhile ago. Since I have practical/traditional linen preferences, these were never used until this week, when they were converted into a couple of projects.

First up, a simple tote with a pleated bottom. Padded (and thrifted) lavender handles were used.

An elastic loop was was added so it could be bundled into a little burrito :)

Second, was a drawstring lunch bag (a spare is always needed). The flowers were oriented perfectly in this design (it would have have upside down in a regular tote bag).

While on its way to the scrap bag, the remaining piece was screaming to be made into....

...a short apron!

The pleated pockets are nice and roomy for my daughter's wire cutters and pliers.

I love it when every bit of fabric is used :)


randi said...

All of this is super cute! Great use of those cute towels!