Thursday, June 29, 2006

Finally, some knitting content

I'm finally knitting again on a long term project, but it's not for me! I have been commissioned to finish a sweater. It's out of Rowan Polar, a wonderfully soft blend of wool, alpaca, and acrylic. Basically, I need to rework the sleeves, finish the upper body, and add a cowl. An easy knit with a gauge of 2.75 to 3 stitches/inch. The challenge was to match gauge and to not work with a live model -- all based on measurements and drawings. But unlike fabric, knitted garments have stretch that can be manipulated (somewhat) to a better fit.

I haven't knitted seriously for a couple of months (though my motivation has increased when a neighbor mentioned she can get a bag of wool in Hong Kong dirt sheep -- like offering candy to children) so this is a nice project to begin again. I'm planning more projects during our traveling (hard to set up a sewing machine in the hotel). But it has been a good break -- I can actually sit still now and not mentally kick myself for not bringing a project.


lindiepindie said...

I can't imagine trying to set up a sewing machine in a hotel - there would be no way I would remember every little tool I needed to sew away from home! That's the nice thing about knitting - it's portable. It should make a nice vacation project.

Megan said...

I really like the colour of this project. Look forward to seeing the finished thing.