Thursday, September 14, 2006

Whiplash - A bunny hat for kids and adults

When I was looking for a low-stress, hand crafted ideas for Halloween, I came up with this little flannel hat (there's also a black cat, but alas no picture). Once combined with a pastel outfit the costume is all done! Sometimes with those full length ones, it's hot (almost always all the preschoolers have changed back to their regular clothes at parent pick-up), inconvenient for potty breaks and covered up in parkas and raincoats when trick-or-treating. My daughter was able to wear it until 3 years old. Best of all it's totally washable -- a huge factor whenever I'm crafting for kids.

Someone was interested in redesigning it as a fun bike helmet cover. So working only with measurements and a picture of the helmet, here it is:
It's fabricated from acrylic/polyester fleece for stretchiness and cuddliness. There is an elastic band along the bottom edge that should curve under the helmet slightly for fit and extra security (it survived several indoor test runs with my kiddies). To create stiff yet floppyish ears (and maintain washability), only interfacing was used. Top stitching about 1/2 inch from the edge gave some dimension and visual interest. More top stitching at the base was added to give more lift to the ears. With some aerodynamics, they actually flap!
On the eve of the Whiplash deadline, the bunny hat will be submitted in the design (I guess??? I don't see many of the Tour de France participants sporting these.) category.



lindiepindie said...

Quite impressive that you made the helmet cover WITHOUT the actual helmet. You must have really good spacial relations. I'd love to see an action shot of those ears flying in the wind. My boy's favorite book these days is "Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride". She's a pig that rides in a car with the wind in her ears. Cute book - your comment just reminded me of that.

Ali said...

That's hysterical - I love love love it! I want one!

kimberly said...

What an adorable idea!! You are just so talented! I also love that laptop cover.