Thursday, September 21, 2006

WIP - A larger wallet

I've been designing a larger version of my snap wallets and it's going kinda many adjustments and decisions (credit card placement...vertical or horizonal, flap size, and etc...).

I love this fabric (from a sample pillow sham), but the silk content makes it slippery resulting in wonky seams and topstitching. The flap is begging to be redone, but the seam ripper usage has been exceeded (just two times per project and then I work around it or it goes in the trash).
Anyways, it remains unfinished until the new order of snaps arrives.

A toy box to share:

A few more snap wallets for the shop:


lindiepindie said...

Your wallets always look so nice, as usual. I've been thinking that your little car toy boxes would make great car organizers - the big box for trash (I can never find the plastic bag I have in there) and the pockets for a canister of wipes and kleenex.

ambika said...

The fabric boxes would be perfect for my knitting. Balls & skeins could go in the large opening, stitch markers and other bits in the pockets. Are there anymore going into the etsy shop that aren't in a farm animal print:)?

Cheeky Beaks said...

Love the snap wallets and toy box!