Saturday, March 24, 2007

Some thoughts on custom work

I know it's not for everyone, but I really enjoy working on custom requests. There's something about collaborating with someone, trying to envision their concepts and specifications and bringing it to reality. Most of these requests are done solely through electronic means with strangers, so there's the added challenge of clear written communication. Along with dealing with different personalities -- some are very specific and others are more casual -- it's like a form of Sudoku, a puzzle that I need to figure out, but the rush upon completion is very satisfying.

Also, I like knowing that the finished item will go to a loving home immediately!

I know some just want to make what they want to make...and I'm in complete agreement! I only accept projects that appeal to me. Sometimes, it's rather straightforward (a change in size, adding a zipper closure) but other times it's a completely foreign design like these: a case for a respirator mask, a bunny cover for a bicycle helmet, a mate for a zombie kitten. I like them equally well, though the later challenges my growth as a crafter.

Anyways, here is my latest: a wristlet wallet in mums on black. The basic design needed to be tweaked to fit a checkbook less snugly. The cotton fabric is a striking mum pattern on black on a dolby weave -- I think the rough texture adds character (like me).

I like the idea of being able to yank this out of a handbag to go to the store or a walk. It can give unhip moms (like me) some hipness!
There are a couple of slots for cards and cash.And a zippered compartment in the back for loose change and a phone (see how unhip I am, no flip tops for me).
I REALLY want one for me (but with more card slots). Sigh...this one was sent off with lots of kisses :)


lindiepindie said...

I go through phases of thinking, "I can figure out anything" to thinking I'll mess stuff up! I think I much prefer just creating without the pressure. :o) You are a brave woman to accept such unique orders.

And you sure don't sound like an unhip mom. :o) For me, the purse is what makes the outfit.

Anonymous said...

I love this bag... came across it on Etsy and either put it or you in my favorites. I'm looking for something like this when I get the time to sit down and sift through them all.