Sunday, February 24, 2008

The weekender bag: the agony and the seam ripper

So far this project has been going smoothly, so smoothly....that Murphy's Law came into play.

The sewer becomes cocky and neglects to hand baste, pin paste, or machine baste, resulting in a partially attached lining :(

Next, the second half of the outside zippers were added to the top gusset, but the zipper pulls were omitted! Then the seam ripper was used three more times, when sewing the vinyl bottom. With all the aggravation, the hard plastic insert was forgotten (I thought it would be the perfect pocket for it). Arrrrrgh!
But, eventually the bag was completed...stay tuned for the final photos!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the final product! As much as I hate the seam ripper I have realized that he is my friend. It just gets tedious ripping out all those little stitches. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Quenna, so good to see someone else besides me posting at Bagaholics Anonymous! :o)

This bag looks so beautiful! The fabric, the finished look - really nice job. It's hard to be humbled by a bag, believe me, I know the feeling! :o)

Anonymous said...

hi, is your pattern available