Saturday, February 23, 2008

The weekender bag: the lining and zippers

Today's post starts with the easiest component, the D-ring loops (1.5 inches): They were attached to the bottom of the zippered gusset. For the first time, I did the more traditional method (I usually have more of the zipper showing after top stitching) where it is partially hidden by dual flaps.
For the lining, I used a heavy weight espresso twill without interfacing. I think these "flaps" could have been wider and less angled, but I was afraid the bottom corners would not lie flat. Oh well, the humongous black clip will hold everything in! It's also has quilted batting to protect a laptop.

It seems boring and one note inside -- I wished I used the outer fabrics as some sort of trim. Oh, well.
After some debate, I decided to use piping. I subbed using this coarse, bulky cotton by Lion Brand (perfect for a scrub pad) and non-biased strips. Personally, bias tape is harder to work with and with the limited curves a lot of flexibility was unnecessary. After sewing the binding, the zippers were added to the front panel.So far, so good!