Monday, February 25, 2008

The Weekender Bag - It's finished!

After a final four hour sewing session, my overnight bag was finished! I absolutely love it and I'm wishing I had somewhere to go besides the grocery store.

It's very sturdy (but I would like to add more interfacing at the bottom) and the peltex was easy to work with -- no puckering. It helps the bag to bow out which rounds out the seams, giving it a softer look. All the seams were manageable (not too bulky) by pre-trimming all the seam allowances. The piping seam should have been slightly wider -- my zipper foot kept sliding away so there's an occasional gap between the piping and seam.

An elastic edged side pocket was added for a water bottle (until it's confiscated by the FAA).
My favorite part is that it can open like a suitcase. The little flaps (can't think of another name) and the back lining is padded so it can also hold a laptop. Because of the additional zippers, there are exposed seams (which are covered with bias tape).
Project specs:
Pattern: my own
Fabric: Amy Butler Lotus (olive lace work and lime moon dots)
Lining: espresso brown twill
Size: humongous (maybe 20 x 12 x 8 at its largest)

Now to modify it for a smaller size!


Karyn said...

That is seriously a work of art!!!! I hope you are VERY VERY proud of yourself!

EllieRichellie said...

Beautiful bag. . these are my favorite Lotus fabrics.

Anna said...

Stunning! I absolutely love the improvements you made to the Weekender Bag.

I soooo hope you'll win the Amy Butler Inspiration competition!!! Even though I've entered myself. :)

Mymsie said...

Great job! How would you rate this project on a difficulty scale?

Rachel said...

I've been watching the progress of this and I must say it is GORGEOUS! Who wouldn't want a set of luggage this functional and beautiful!

Lisa said...

Great bag. I love that you documented all the various steps.

Really an impressive project!

Good luck on the contest!

mommiemarzie said...

So amazing! It looks wonderful. I'm very impressed with all of your creativity.

Steph said...

Wow, it's amazing!!! I love all the details you added and the bold fabrics.

Katie said...

Wow!!! You made this pattern up yourself!?!?! Wow!!! Great job!!!!

Anonymous said... the bag and the are AMAZING!!!

one question, do both the zipper on the front panel and the zipper across the top of the bag access the same compartment? or is the bag interior divided?

Thanks, carolyn

quenna said...

Thank you!

Carolyn - there is just one main compartment with small flaps, which act as a divider of sorts. Hope that helps :)

EricaLynn said...

Gorgeous! What a lovely job you did!
I am thinking of making one myself, and was wondering how long of a zipper you used? I love how yours opens flat! Oh, my email is crazydaisyknits at gmail if it doesnt' show up for you-I can never get blogger to show me emails.

John & Becca said...

Brilliant!!!!!!love love it. yes you must go somewhere fantastic to how it off.

Julia said...

This bag is just amazing.....I want to make this more than the actual Amy Butler weekend bag!

Claire Louise Milne said...

This is brilliant!! I love all the adaptations you made, the suitcase aspect thrilled me. I don't like my first two tries on this bag, so I'm taking another stab at it (ha!) and this time I'm thinking I'd like to try the extra zipper. Thanks for sharing your process!

Tracey said...

seriously cute! Very well done!!!

Anonymous said...

are you planning to sell this on etsy?

blissful said...

I sell a smaller and simpler version of these upon request via Etsy. Please contact me through there. Thanks for asking :)

Stephanie Ugrnov said...

Hello - i was just looking for Weekender Bag variations as I want to attempt my own - I LOVE how it opens suitcase style.
Are you selling/sharing your version of the pattern? Iwould really love to incorporate that into my own.