Friday, August 29, 2008

Another red project: a new knitting bag

To celebrate my renewed love of knitting, a new project bag was needed.  A few changes were needed from my original one.  I still wanted a shallow rectangular shape but with shoulder straps and an ability for closure.  Coordinating (and rather bold) Amy Butler fabrics were used.  She's a big mama at 17 inches across and 7 inches deep.  It could have been a bit deeper but my anal self wanted whole medallions on either side :)  

Inside are several pockets to organize pencils and accessories.  Afterwards, I wished I added a elasticized side pocket to hold a skein (so it would not roll around and get tangled).  
I was inspired (by another bag, but can't remember where I saw it) to have the straps run along the top edge.

A wee tummy tuck to keep the sides from winging out.  If only my excess flab could be so easily dealt with :(

A wide tab with a magnetic closure to keep it closed.  An elastic loop (I still haven't added the matching buttom) at the end so I could have a tighter closure when needed.  
Now onto my finishing my Rebecca Apricot inspired sweater!


DreamWoven said...

I LOVE this!!!!

Anna said...

It's a beautiful bag! I love the prints you chose and putting the straps on like that on the outside was a great detail. I'll try to remember that for a future bag.

Thanks for sharing!

veronica said...

i just found your blog. you do amazing work. i have just gotten into making some tote bags, and am having trouble finding interesting fabric. all of your fabrics are great! can i ask where you get yours? do you have a store you like to go to, or do you buy online?