Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mini overnight bags: the beginning

It is difficult (for me) to make the time for personal projects. There needs to be an outside motivation and going on vacation is one of them.

The kiddies were going to stay with cousins while hubby and I had a getaway,  so it was a great incentive to make mini versions of my weekender bag for my girls. It would be smaller all around with just one zipper.

After pinky promises to not change fabric choices (Sis bloom and Amy Butler), it was cut.  Arrgh...both picked damask-type motifs which required centering (and crazy me thought I could get by with just a yard of each).  By marking the pattern with a middle line, it was easier to center the patterns.

The front panels, outside pockets and shoulder straps.

A huge mass of strips for welts and bias tape binding.

Top and bottom gussets.

More to come later....