Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mini overnight bags - part 2

After sewing the outer pockets, the shoulder straps were added. For the Sis Bloom (because I didn't have enough fabric), the straps end beneath the pockets. For the other side, I had a brain freeze and forgot to sew them in! It's MUCH more difficult to sew straps after the bag is completed :(

For the Amy Butler, the shoulder straps run the entire height of the bag. It's slightly angled to mirror the side edges.

There was just enough fabric for a few inside pockets.

I found a double zipper, but the huge plastic teeth won the battle against my sewing needle(s).

During my stash shopping, I couldn't find a coordinating zipper with the correct length, so two were used. I wish I figured out a neater way to overlap them. Maybe they should have just been folded.