Monday, September 29, 2008

Mini overnight bags: the Finale

After the top and bottom gussets were sewn together, they were added to the front panels. Then the bias tape was added to finish the seams. It is awkward to sew the other panel, but I think this way creates a tighter and smoother inside (as opposed to sewing the outside and lining separately and then hand sewing them together). But the big drawback is sewing the final's like sewing a sofa slipcover on a TV tray table (awkward and cumbersome).
Ooops, the lining gusset was too long so it was used to enclose the seams.

Ooops #2: I cut the bottom gusset wrong (placed the fold on the wrong side) so I added a little bridge to make up for the extra seam (I cut it in half and pieced it together correctly).
The completed project pics are coming soon...