Thursday, August 20, 2009

Eco bags or reusable shopping bags

Last year, our city declared that plastic bags are no longer allowed in large supermarkets so there has been an increase interest in eco/reusable shopping bags. I wanted something prettier (no pharmaceutical logos please), machine washable, and compactable (folds up neatly without a little pouch).

When a friend who was downsizing offered these vintage fabrics, I immediately thought of this project.

The pattern inspiration came from a great japanese craft book (#439459628618, I'm not sure if this is the ISBN#. It was purchased in Japan for like half the US price ), Eco Bags.

Here is the pattern: a pleated bottom drawstring bag.

My version is horizontal rather than vertical, because it's roomier and more accessible. I love how the handles "hides" when the bag is open and closes the bag when in use.

After several variations, I ended up adapting the amount and width of bias tape needed. I love the elastic loop which wraps around the folded bundle for easier storage. The seams are all finished (french) so it would be machine washable.

I love having these tucked in my handbag!


randi said...

What a cute shopping bag! That fabric is perfection!